Saturday, July 16, 2011

Manage Your Reactors In A Meltdown Situation

You might think radioactivity coming from a meltdown at a power plant or mushroom clouds spreads and kills faster than a cloud of fear coming from your mind that has forgotten the power source. Learning to contain and cool down your ego reactors with the healing and cool energy of love, safety, gratitude, Faith and Trust is crucial for a happy and productive journey on this planet. No matter what is going on outside of you, you are deciding between responding with love, gratitude, Faith, Trust or reacting in fear. And if you choose a meltdown reaction, you can choose differently at the next moment or the one after that. You might be reactive and have a meltdown in some instances and not in others. It is how quickly you shift to love, gratitude, Faith and Trust, thus, empowerment that counts the most.


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