Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Chief Reason Why My Illness Helped Me

After suffering a stroke on my right hand side, it could have looked as if my life would be changed for ever. But the interesting thing is that I became more determined to recover and get back to a normal life. The stroke came as a complete shock, being only 48 and I was in reasonable health. Two years before the stroke I was cycling 1 hour a day round trip to work in Central London. And cycling was my passion, but now I was given release from BT and started working for myself. But business was not good, I found that I was working late hours most nights. The work was erratic and the cash flow in the business was low. I was under a lot of pressure to pay the out going bills, with very little regular money coming in. I was working mainly from home and was not able to do my cycling, hence I was getting no exercise.


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