Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Fold Blessings of God For Man

You are not only blessed and prayed for that you be fruitful, you are also commanded to be. God commands that you be fruitful in everything you lay your hands to do. Jesus said that the axe is already set to cut down all unproductive trees, meaning that lack of fruitfulness on your part can attract God's wrath. It is God's will for you to succeed because He command that you should be fruitful and He even threaten to punish any unfruitful servant. Do you remember the story or parable of the talents? One servant was given five talents, the other one was given two talents and the last one was given only one talent. While the first two servants traded with their talents and made one hundred percent profit, the last servant only kept what he was given. The last servant never traded with his talent, he was not fruitful and this attracted a great punishment from the master.


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