Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why Content Curation is the future of google rankings!

Now you are about to find out exactly what content curation is and how you can use it to make big bucks in this 2012 year. I will be showing you exactly how to setup a content curation blog and make money with it blah blah blah…..

The purposes for using content curation?

You can give your readers a great selection of links and resources with pictures and videos that you have organised into a post with your own comments added below the post. You provide them a valuable service that will keep them coming back for more and subscribe, becoming regular readers and virally distributing it for you to social networking websites.

If you have a Curation Blog, you can make additional money with affiliate programmes and advertising. Some people can make this into a business because they don't need to write original content, and they don't need your own products either. You can also use it for your business, helping you increase your income.

You can find the content on blogfeeds, social media sites and news sites

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